Thursday, 2 May 2013

Israel Impressions

Do you remember being on the trip, being in the airport in Canada, and thinking, "I don't really know these women, I wonder how this is going to work."

Do you remember getting off the plane, tired, stiff, getting everyone out of the airport, and onto the bus and sorting out phones? Was Lori there to meet you with her sign that said "Welcome Home!"

Do you remember the bus ride north, to Tiberius or to the border? Sitting with someone, looking out the windows at fences and barbed wire, and the beautiful flowering trees?

And then Decks? Dinner, dancing, new friends?

Did you get to do the rafting? I did the first time. I think that was a major bonding moment. Laughing together, getting wet (some more than others) seeing the beauty of Israel.

What about Tsfat? Wasn't that cool? Some touring, some history, some shopping. Some bonding. Not enough time for shopping btw, there are still things I want from Tsfat. The glassblower, the synagogues, the hills. Did you stop and see the beauty and drink the pomegranate juice and see the Mikvah?

What about being in Jerusalem, how tired were you that first night? How overwhelmed? I couldn't wait to see it all in daylight. In this past visit we pulled open the balcony door in the King Solomon and discovered the balcony not as stable as I wanted it, but we were right across from the Windmill. Awesome. Beautifu. Amazing.

And the next day, walking to the Aish building and seeing the Kotel from the windows of the building? Did that make you cry? Was that amazing? Location, location, location. Right?

And the rush from there on in, the food, songs, prayers, shopping, stories, sightseeing. The new friends. The realizing that the similarities were more important than the differences.

What did you see? What did you buy? Clothing or jewelry or dates? Who was with you?

Did you love the tours or the sessions or the people?

Did you go for coffee or donuts or dinners? Did you buy wine in the corner stores? Do you know where the bomb shelters were?

What did you think of the soldiers? And Shabbat? And Havdallah? And the markets?

And somehow, at the end, we were a team, a group, a sisterhood. New friendships, new understandings of ourselves and each other.

Would you go again? What's your biggest take away impression? In one word?

Would you send a friend? Who would you send? Why?

What do you remember? What would you want Lauren and Lori and JET to know?

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